It’s all about me.

Lover of 90's hip-hop, Chelsea FC, and craft beer.

Yay you found me!  I'm an aspiring product/experience designer in my 4th year of university over in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.


About Me

I've been fascinated with people, their stories, and their experiences since a young age. My favourite colour scheme is teal and black, I'm a supporter of Chelsea FC, and please talk to me about BMWs.

I'm interested in working for companies that value diversity of all kind: socioeconomic, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation to list a few. Representation matters a lot for me, and I'd love to converse more with you on this if you're so keen.

But besides that, you can easily spot me in a crowd as I'm usually the one with a dad cap and circle framed glasses. You can check out my resume here.

Interested in a chat? I'll bring the beers (or tea/coffee if that's your fancy).

I also made you a playlist. I'm a strong believer that you can learn a lot about someone through their tunes. Happy listening!

Pronouns: she/her



Work Experience

italiaDesign at Simon Fraser University | April 2018 - July 2018
Media manager and video editor for the 11th edition of italiaDesign, an SFU field school that's focused on Italian design both historically and contemporary.

UX Design Intern at Hootsuite | Sept 2017 - April 2018
As an intern, I was responsible for providing updated product design mockups, conceptual mockups, and user research synthesis which all helped drive for a better user experience across different parts of the product.


Mentorship Opportunities

Global Design Mentor at Simon Fraser University | Jan 2017
Mentored multiple teams competing in a global case competition.
Assisted in guiding teams through their concepts, ideation, and the content strategy of pitches.

Design Mentor at Simon Fraser University | Spring & Fall 2017
Mentored 2nd year students competing in a 3-day spatial design competition.
Helped clarify architectural concepts and provided content strategy & visual design feedback for presentations.