It’s all about me.

Lover of 90's hip-hop, Chelsea FC, and craft beer.

Yay you found me!  I'm an aspiring product/experience designer in my 4th year of university over in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.


About Me

I've been fascinated with people, their stories, and their experiences since I could babble in diapers. My favourite colour is blue, I'm a supporter of Chelsea FC, and please talk to me about BMWs. You can easily spot me in a crowd, I'm usually the one with a dad cap and circle framed glasses. 

Interested in a chat? I'll bring the beers.

I also made you a playlist. I'm a strong believer that you can learn a lot about someone through their tunes. Happy listening!



Work Experience

italiaDesign at Simon Fraser University | April 2018 - July 2018
Media manager and video editor for SFU's 11th edition of italiaDesign.
Site's on its way!

UX Design at Hootsuite | Sept 2017 - April 2018
As an intern, I worked on Hootsuite's compose experience (desktop & mobile).

Mentorship Opportunities

Global Design Mentor at Simon Fraser University | Jan 2017
Mentored multiple teams competing in a global case competition.
Assisted in guiding teams through their concepts, ideation, and the content strategy of pitches.

Design Mentor at Simon Fraser University | Spring & Fall 2017
Mentored 2nd year students competing in a 3-day spatial design competition.
Helped clarify architectural concepts and provided content strategy & visual design feedback for presentations.